How Long Does it Take to Become a Medical Administrative Assistant?

Most programs to be come a Medical Administrative Assistant last from 9 months to two years. These programs can result in either a certificate or an associate’s degree (in medical assisting.) Programs for becoming a medical administrative assistant can be found at trade schools, health care institutes, and career colleges.

What is the difference between a Medical Assistant and a Nurse?

The job of a medical administrative assistant is a clerical one. Medical administrative assistants are not directly involved in any medical procedures, unlike nurses. Clinical medical assistants (not administrative assistants) support the medical procedures with administrative tasks. Administrative assistants support the running of a medical office, performing tasks such as scheduling appointments, answering the phone, greeting patients, sorting the mail, typing up doctor’s letters and memos, and other duties.

What is the classwork like?

Those studying to become medical administrative assistants take courses in subjects as diverse as medical terminology, anatomy, minor clinical procedures, bookkeeping, or medical transcription.

Students will participate in typical lecture courses, and students may also take lab courses where the learning will be more hands- on.

Any internship/externships required?

Many accredited training programs will offer an externship as part of the course requirements. Additionally, once you are hired as a medical administrative assistant, there will be required on-the-job training.